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630A 3-Pole FH03(NT3) Size Housing

Model No.: FH-03/3P

Price: $295.00


OzCharge FH03(NH2 Type) 400A 3 Position Fuse Housing Battery Disconnect / Isolator for battery and PV protection.

AC690V / DC250V (630A Max)
IP rating: IP20*
Terminal size: M12 Thread
Standard: EN60947-3:2015
Dimensions: 256(W) x 300(H) x 142.5(D) mm

*Note: Front Degree of protection is IP20. To ensure IP20 rating, no gap around the wires entry and exit points must exceed 12.5mm.


Brochure (Fuses_Disconnectors_Brochure_DCSA_v1.3.pdf, 847 Kb) [Download]

Fuse Housing and Fuses Brochure (Fuse_Housings_Brochure_Nov2020.pdf, 2,301 Kb) [Download]

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